Service and Replacement Parts

Service Calls

L-R Systems customer service does not stop when the sale is finalized. We provide technical and mechanical support via phone support or a service call. Our specialist will come to your company to diagnose and fix any issue you are having. If you are having issue with your current L-R System, give us a call.

Replacement Parts

L-R Systems equipment is built for durability and processing the most abrasive types of materials. Even with the reliability our equipment has, there are some “wear and tear” type parts to it. Some of these parts include: filter elements, filter bags, gaskets, air cylinders, and electronic components.

Need replacement parts, but are unsure of the part numbers? No problem. We keep a customer history of what we have built, so we will be able to help you with the part you are looking for.

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L-R Systems Reviews

L-R Systems is great to work with! I have never had a bad experience.