Blender Controller for Plastics and Material Processing
Our top of the line Controller is fully equipped and designed to help you identify & control costs as well as save you time. Our new weigh scale blender controller still includes all the earlier features of previous models.



5400 Weigh Scale Blender Controller

L-R Systems has researched our customers’ need to enhance batching and combined that research with the latest innovations in technology resulting in our 5400 Weigh Scale Blender (WSB) controller. Our 5400 Weigh Scale Blender Controller is fully equipped and designed to help you save time while identifying and controlling costs. The new WSB controller includes all the features of previous model controllers (5100, 5200, 5250 and 5300). This makes the transition from a previous model controller to a 5400 WSB Controller effortless.

We Increased Cost Control
L-R Systems 5400 Weigh Scale Blender controller is our most accurate model with .01 lb per component. This accuracy allows the blender to use less color and has a reliability to minimize rejected parts. Our controller will help reduce waste while maximizing your return on investment.

We Updated Recipe Storage
Our 5400 Weigh Scale Blender Controller has a strategically placed USB port. You can download recipes and batch reports directly from the blender that can be uploaded and stored on any appropriate device (computer, tablet, USB, etc.). This makes it easy to transfer information between various controllers. Download your set-up, recipes, batch reports, etc. directly from the USB port and transfer to another controller.

We Increased Communication
L-R Systems blender controller now comes with remote access, giving you total control from any Ethernet capable device; such as, your personal computer, smart phone, or tablet. This feature allows you to operate your blender from any location as if you were standing right in front of the blender itself.

We Upgraded the Visuals
The 5400 Weigh Scale Blender Controller has a large 7” LCD Touch-Screen with enhanced visuals to increase visibility of all batching processes.

Benefits of 5400 WSB Controller:

  • Increase the Precision of Your Plastics Process by easily adjusting the feeding of non-free flowing regrinds & powders. The controller records material usage in order to track component & batch costs.
  • Quickly Change Material and Batch Settings by storing up to 99 unique recipes along with quick and easy recipe recall. Change recipes on the fly directly from process screen.
  • Decrease Production Loss with our graphic alarm notifications. Our alarm beacon gives your plant the ability to respond quicker by providing storage of up to 100 alarms. The controller also contains alarm memory for future recall and maintenance reference.
  • Add Convenience by replacing L-R System, Inc.’s controller models 5100 and higher by simply unplugging the old model and plugging in the 5400 and calibrate. Plug and play requires no additional service or wiring rework.
  • Simplify Maintenance & Reduce Down-Time with our easy-to-use diagnostic screen display for troubleshooting and resolving blender malfunctions in a quick and timely manner. Our Universal IX platform also reduces down time because it allows replacement screens from any IX based program.
  • Multiple Levels of Password Protection provides you with controller management like never before to guarantee that blender performance maintains its quality, quantity, and accuracy.
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