Resin Dryers for Plastics Processing

L-R Systems resin dryers are essential while processing hygroscopic resins.  Our dyers range from a convenient portable unit, machine mounted, or central drying equipment for our clients in the plastics manufacturing industries.  Proper drying and dehumidifying procedures will give your material its desired look, feel, and processing characteristics. Our dryers are manufactured with automatic loading features for easy use and are constructed from superior materials to guarantee quality and longevity.  Drying systems can be loaded with our convenient portable auto hopper loaders or with the vacuum chambers of one of our central conveying systems. 

Dehumidifying Dryers

Machine mounted for hygroscopic resins, are very efficient and affordable way to improve quality in your process.

Level Sensors for Plastics and Material Processing

Multiple style sensors including proximity switches, paddle sensors, and plumb bob or yo-yo type.

Portable Dehumidifying Dryers

Fully portable drying station, includes conveying system on a convenient cart.
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L-R Systems Reviews

L-R Systems is great to work with! I have never had a bad experience.