Pneumatic Conveying Systems for Plastics and Material Processing

L-R Systems vacuum conveying and pressure conveying equipment is an essential part of any dry bulk material handling operation. Our pumps pneumatically transfer pellets, powders or any dry bulk solid material from one point to another.  

We engineer and manufacture small to large scale systems customized to your application.  Our vacuum pumps and pressure pumps are capable of handling high to low density abrasive materials.  Whether you are working with plastic pellets or fine powders, we can engineer a pump to meet your output requirements.

Airlocks for Plastics and Material Processing

Transfer material between vacuum and pressure systems with ease. Airlocks are found in material feeding, pneumatic conveying and railcar unloading applications.

Bulk Bag Dumpers for Plastics and Material Processing

Bag dump stations allow for efficient, manual introduction into processing operations of small volumes of dry bulk material from containers such as small bags, buckets, and totes. Bulk bag dumpers are found in material feeding and pneumatic conveying.

Bulk Storage Bins for Plastics and Material Processing

Storage Solutions with capacity of up to 60,000 lbs. Multiple options available including guard rails and ladders.

Central Filters for Plastics and Material Processing

Our bag house style central filters are designed for heavy loads of dust and fines.

Centrifugal Blowers for Dry Bulk Material Handling

Designed to unload material from grinder bins, or with the addition of a Venturi pick-up, to collect scrap or flash trimmings, and convey (blow) this material to a receiving cyclone mounted on a storage bin.

Control Panels and Starters for Plastics and Material Processing

L-R Systems engineers control panels for central systems operation and monitoring.

Gaylord Tilter for Plastics and Material Processing

Automatically tilt containers up to 2,500 pounds. Floor-level tilters can accommodate pallet jack, hand truck, and forklift loading of bulk containers.

Level Sensors for Plastics and Material Processing

Multiple style sensors including proximity switches, paddle sensors, and plumb bob or yo-yo type.

Magnetic Separators & Metal Detectors for Plastics and Material Processing

Magnetic Separators & Metal Detectors pneumatically reject magnetic and non-magnetic metal debris from powders, granules, and other bulk materials.

Material Hoppers for Plastics and Material Processing

Hoppers precisely track the weight of each load of material or product deposited in your machine or process line.

Pressure Pumps

Our positive displacement pumps with exhaust silencer and inlet and outlet filters assure you top notch reliable performance.

Proportioning Valves

Our external proportioning valve assemblies allow loading two different materials into an auto hopper loader. It is an affordable way to combine virgin and regrind at the machine throat.

Receivers for Plastics and Material Processing

Filter receivers can be engineered with a variety of conveying line sizes to fit in to your new or existing system. They are available with a wide range of filter material engineered to your application. L-R Systems receivers are the right piece of process equipment for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastics industries.

Self-Contained Hopper Loaders for Dry Bulk Material Handling

Models IL12, IL16, and IL32 quality self contained loaders used for transferring small to medium amounts of material short distances.

Separators for Plastics and Material Processing

Screen and Separate to remove fines, angel hair, streamers, etc. from plastic pellets in a pneumatic conveying system or railcar unloading system.

Vacuum Chambers for Plastics and Material Processing

Receive Material by Vacuum Pump and load straight into feed throat

Vacuum Pressure Pumps

Whether you are unloading a railcar to fill your silo at a rate of 50,000 lbs per hour, or you need to load multiple molding machines at 2000 lbs per hour, L-R has the right system for you.

Vacuum Pumps for Plastics and Material Processing

For pneumatic conveying of materials and product via vacuum pump technology.

Valves for Plastics and Material Processing

Standard and Customized Valves engineered for a variety of dry bulk industries, applications and uses.
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