Process Cooling for Plastics and Material Processing

L-R Systems carefully designs process cooling systems for your individual requirements.  We can engineer cooling equipment to meet your most stringent requirements. Whether you are cooling a mold, a product or a whole room; L-R Systems can provide you with several options to cool and maintain the temperatures of your industrial equipment. Our main goal is to prevent your equipment from over heating. All of our chillers are energy-efficient.

Central Chillers

Air-or-water cooled central chillers are made to cool blenders and other process machines. L-R Systems' central chillers are the ideal process cooling equipment for any facility.

Cooling Towers

High-capacity cooling towers are the solution to your process cooling needs.

Fluid Coolers

Our low-maintenance fluid coolers keep your process fluid free from contaminants.

Level Sensors for Plastics and Material Processing

Multiple style sensors including proximity switches, paddle sensors, and plumb bob or yo-yo type.

Oil Units

Our oil units use a heat transfer cooling system for efficient temperature control.

Portable Chillers

Easy and efficient portable chillers can be built to meet the scale of your every requirement. Precise and efficient air or water cooled portable chillers, with a temperature range of 20° to 65°F.

Pump Tank Station for Plastics and Material Processing

LDPE, steel or stainless steel tank construction, with up to 3,200 Gallons capacity, for chiller or tower water.

Water Units

L-R Systems' water units create a smooth and simple cooling process.
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L-R Systems is great to work with! I have never had a bad experience.