Gravimetric Blenders for Plastics and Material Processing 

L-R Systems gravimetric material blenders are known for high accuracy of complicated blending requirements; including 100% regrind. Our weigh scale blenders are designed for batch processing or continuous processing of small to large volumes of materials; including, but not limited to: plastic pellets, plastic regrind, plastic flakes, plastic powders and color additives.

L-R Systems material blenders are engineered for durability. All of L-R Systems weigh scale blenders are constructed of heavy duty durable steel designed to withstand 10 plus years of blending and mixing of heavy abrasive materials.  Our weigh scale blenders can mix materials at a rate of 100 lbs. to 11,000 lbs. per hour.  Our newest touch screen controller model 5400 gives our blenders the ability to blend up to 12 materials at once with an accuracy of .01 lb per component.  The 5400 controller model is backwards compatible and interchangeable with older L-R Systems blender controllers.  Whether you are doing continuous or single batch blending of material, we will engineer and fabricate the specific weigh scale blenders that your company needs to achieve maximum productivity in your blending process. 

Blender Controller for Plastics and Material Processing

Our top of the line Controller is fully equipped and designed to help you identify & control costs as well as save you time. Our new weigh scale blender controller still includes all the earlier features of previous models.

Color Additive Feeders for Plastics and Material Processing

Engineered for precise adding of color concentrate- customized for feeding small amount of dry bulk material

Level Sensors for Plastics and Material Processing

Multiple style sensors including proximity switches, paddle sensors, and plumb bob or yo-yo type.

OPTI-MIX Series for Plastics and Material Processing

OPTI-MIX models series 50-3000 Batch Blenders can accommodate up to 12 material components while providing throughput rates up to 6,600 lb/hr.

WSB100 for Plastics and Material Processing

WSB100 series gravimetric blenders mix 2-4 materials in a continuous batching system at a rate up to 1,000 lbs per hour.

WSB1000 for Plastics and Material Processing

Batch Process or Continuous Process- WSB1000 series gravimetric blenders mix up to 8 materials in a continuous batching system at a rate up to 10,000 lbs per hour.
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